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Wellness Programs

Our Wellness Program

The Wellness Program is a collection of optional quality living services that residents can opt into as needed. Services include medical assistance and supervised physical fitness training, among others.

Three Wellness Packages are available—Wellness Silver, Wellness Gold, and Wellness Platinum. These packages offer a discount to those who choose to bundle Wellness services. Should a resident need only one or two services, they can choose from an a la carte menu of Wellness Program services.

To see the list of services, download our service menu.

We focus on their strengths not their medical conditions, and the residents tell us how they want to live.
Kera Redlack, Director of Health and Wellness

United Cares
The Wellness Program is part of our United Cares quality living program. United Cares is designed to change with residents as their health and wellness needs change. At the heart of every decision is the resident—their goals, needs, and desires determine what their wellness plan looks like.

To learn more, download the United Cares Brochure.