Living in the Community

Active Living

United. Active. Living.

Our active living approach addresses the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual. Many residents are completely independent. They join a United Active Living community to enjoy a rich social life, unbeatable programming, and top-class dining all without the hassle of maintaining a house on their own.

To see how our team works together to support whole-person wellness, including physical health and fitness, watch our Maintaining Health video. This video features real residents, family members, and staff members at United Active Living.

Active Bodies

An active body is more than just a healthy body—it also improves mood and self-esteem. Physical activity programs such as core stability, yoga, dance and walking help to promote physical and psychological health.

Our on-staff Fitness & Recreation team designs and leads fitness programs focused on senior-specific needs, like balance and fall prevention. Our team of healthcare practitioners helps each resident identify their own personal activity need, whether that means focusing on certain muscle groups or prioritizing good circulation. These professionals work together so every resident in a UAL community has a plan in place to help their bodies strong, healthy, and independent.

Our residents can choose to exercise with other residents of the United Active Living community, in group classes that focus on aerobic fitness, strength and balance training. In addition to the physical benefits, these classes offer a social benefit, improving interpersonal connection within the community. Multiple classes are available every day for no extra cost.

For an additional fee, residents can also choose one-on-one sessions with a kinesiologist. At United, we have kinesiologists that specialize in understanding the effects of aging on the body, referred to as gero-kinesiologists. These specialists combine the study of kinesiology with progressive and healthy aging in adults, focused on understanding the effects of aging on the body, movement, strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing. They will provide an assessment (which may be recommended by your doctor) and then create a structured, individualized exercise plan that will support you in meeting your health and wellness goals.

Active Minds

Just as important as an active body is an active mind! To keep residents’ brain functions alert and engaged, we offer several educational programs in partnership with local universities. Lectures and discussions on wide ranging topics, from politics to science to art, support lifelong learning.

“The person with dementia isn’t lost; they are still there. Our job as caregivers is to find out who they are.”

Amy McDonough, United Minds manager

United Minds

For those living with dementia, the United Minds program offers additional support. United Minds is one of the most progressive memory care programs in North America. Not only does this program consider the additional needs specific to dementia, it also follows an integrated living model so residents with memory care needs can continue to live a full and enriching life.

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Active Imaginations

Residents’ imaginations are nourished with extensive arts and culture programming. Lectures about art and music history, interactive arts and crafts classes, and live theatre performances are just a few of the opportunities available to residents.

Our Open Studio is open 24/7, so any time inspiration hits, residents are free to use the space and art materials to express their creative side. Making art is one of the most fulfilling ways to express emotion—and a key part of our approach to wellness.

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