Health & Wellness

The Transition to Senior Living

Live Your Way

Transitioning to an older adult community like Garrison Green or Fish Creek is an incredible opportunity. The choice to make the move to senior living means you’ll have more freedom to focus on spending your time how you want, while we take care of maintenance, cooking, cleaning, and planning. With your newfound freedom, you can choose to spend more time with friends and family, discover new hobbies, or learn about topics you’ve always wanted to explore.

This transition is also an emotional experience. It’s important to understand that a rollercoaster of feelings is absolutely normal. Although the transition to a new community can be stressful, there are many positive outcomes. Once they’ve settled in, people often feel more secure and less lonely than they did before their move. In addition, feeling a sense of relief is common with maintenance and security taken care of for them. Many older adults will discover opportunities to develop new skills and form new bonds with others in the community, which results in an enhanced quality of life.

Comprehensive Wellness Interviews

Everyone who moves into a United Active Living community meets with our team for a comprehensive interview that involves all aspects of wellness. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you, and you the chance to get to know us, before you move in. By getting to know your personal goals and interests we can create a customized plan that gives you everything you need to live a full, active life. Annual re-assessments ensure our services evolve to meet your future needs.

Your wellness interview creates action items, plans and ideas that guide our multi-disciplinary team in helping you achieve your desired lifestyle. These plans will help you understand the services and amenities that are available to you as a resident, including supports through the United Cares program.

Pets mean so much to residents and employees. They really are family
Gordon, Fish Creek resident

Weekly Wellness Meetings

A unique feature of our communities is the collaborative work of the wellness team. A wellness meeting is held weekly with representatives from all departments: United Cares, United Minds (memory care), food services, housekeeping, programming, and fitness. These teams come together to share their knowledge about individual residents’ concerns, successes, capabilities and needs. The goal is to develop a holistic approach to wellness that can help residents improve their quality of life.

You and your family can enjoy peace of mind knowing that this collaborative approach to wellness results in a quick identification of subtle changes that could indicate a need to check in with you. Perhaps you aren’t eating as well as you used to, or you spend more time than usual by yourself. By picking up on those small cues, it gives our team the opportunity to check in with you in a casual, conversational way to find out if there is anything unusual happening in your life. We are here to help you live life as fully and comfortably as possible, in alignment.

Advice for Families

There are several ways family members can help their older relatives adjust to this change. Here are just a few things you can do to help:

Visit the New Community

Getting acquainted with the physical space, forming relationships with staff members, and learning about the programs and services available can help alleviate fear about the transition.


Talking with a professional can help older adults and their family members feel safe expressing their feelings towards the move.

Help Them Settle

Family members should try to recognize emotional impact of the move and respond with compassion and patience.

Offer Choices

Involving residents in decorating their space, their meal choices, and developing routines around their lifestyle enhances their feeling of control.

Promote Identity

Help your family member to display documents or items of significance around their new home and encourage the continuation of previously enjoyed activities.

Facilitate Connections

Building new bonds with staff and other residents is crucial for quality of life after a move. Our staff will make the effort to introduce themselves to new faces and make them feel comfortable.