Health & Wellness

Commitment to Wellness

Our Commitment to

United Active Living prioritizes wellness above all else. There are seven elements of wellness that influence our experience of aging: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, environmental, social and vocational.

Every resident participates in a Wellness Interview upon move-in, so our team can understand their individual goals as they relate to these seven elements. This helps us support each and every resident in living an active, fulfilling life at United Active Living.



Experiencing and expressing a rich inner life is an essential part of being human. We make sure to provide opportunities for our residents to share the full spectrum of human emotion, with creative programs for expressing highs and lows, and mental health support when it’s needed.

Residents are free to express themselves using painting, sculpture, music, and poetry, among others, in our Open Studio. Creative projects can be self-lead, or residents can participate in a class lead by one of our on-staff art teachers, or a teacher from one of our community partners, such as the Alberta University of the Arts.


Time to pursue skills and interests, whether it’s learning or simply watching, is part of what gives our older years meaning. Our community partnerships give our residents the opportunity to experience interests like theatre, opera, history, politics and much more.

Whether our partners are visiting residents at United, or our residents go out into the community to explore, there are many opportunities for one-of-a-kind vocational experiences, only available at United.

View a sample schedule of real past occasions we’ve made available for residents.




Physical health is foundational to wellness. All bodies experience changes as we age, and our diverse team is well-trained in supporting all our residents’ physical conditions.

Our medical team, including kinesiologists guided by the most recent knowledge, believes that residents should remain physically active as much as they are able. United offers many ways for our residents to get exercise while respecting their unique physical needs, including nature walks, dancing, and yoga, among others.

To energize residents for their active lifestyle, our chefs create curated menus of healthy and nutritionally diverse meals that can be adjusted to support dietary restrictions.


Socializing gives life it’s spark. Relationships with other people are important, not only for a happy and rich life, but also for our health.

United Active Living offers a range of scheduled social events for residents, which you can explore our sample programming calendar. There are also opportunities for residents to socialize informally in any of the dining rooms or common spaces throughout the community. From a trip to the opera, to chatting over a cup of tea, and everything in between, life at UAL is designed to empower residents with choice about their social lives.




Just like with physical health, your brain needs exercise! United has interesting and engaging programs for all levels of cognitive ability.

Whether relaxing in the library with a good book, attending a lecture from a visiting university professor, or working with professionals as part of our United Minds program, there is something for everyone to help keep their mind sharp. To learn more, check out our Educational Programming.


All spiritual beliefs are accepted and encouraged at United. Spirituality can be a wonderful source of happiness and inspiration for people at every stage of life. Whether our residents want to explore new forms of spiritual expression, or continue practicing a lifelong faith, there are resources available to support their spiritual needs.




It’s well known that the physical environment can have an enormous effect on wellbeing. That’s why all our buildings, suites, and common areas—including outdoor courtyards and greenspaces—are designed with our residents’ best interest in mind.

Common areas are cleaned regularly using eco-friendly and unscented products, so residents with sensitives to dust, scents, or chemicals can enjoy the spaces as much as everyone else.