Careers at United Active Living

With a career at any of our three Untied Active Living communities, you’ll find rewarding work and meaningful relationships. Staff in all positions are empowered to prioritize the well-being of residents above all else. Many of our staff members become a second family to United residents, thanks to their friendly and approachable demeanor.

At United, we follow a social model of care, meaning residents are the experts in their own wellness. This approach ensure that residents emotional and mental wellness needs are met, in addition their physical wellness. To support this approach, United staff always keeps our values top of mind.

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Current Openings:

Director, Finance and Information Technology (click to open)

Licensed Practical Nurse (click to open)

Active Living Advisor (click to open)

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When I came here in October, 2017, I walked through the front door and heard laughter.
Christine T, Licensed practical nurse