Sep 22

Living an Independent Life

When Ross and Ellenore Campbell started looking for an older adult community, they had two criteria – that they would make the decision when to move, and not leave it to someone else to choose for them, and second, that they could live completely independently within the community. “When we… View Article
Sep 14

Older Adults and Students Find More Than Common Ground

A 60-year age gap between students and United Active Living residents is erased in an instant when the two generations get together to share stories, experiences and laughter. United offers Mount Royal University and St. Mary’s University students the unique opportunity to live at United’s two communities to work, eat… View Article
Sep 8

Honing Political Knowledge Thanks to Partnership with MRU

Duane Bratt has had a lifelong interested in politics thanks to his parents, and to this day when he visits the family home the TV is tuned to the news channel. Duane, who is a professor of political science at Mount Royal University (MRU), enjoys bringing his knowledge of politics… View Article
Aug 31

Partners Hold Centre Stage in New Fall Program Guides

United’s arts and cultural partners will once again display their talents to residents of both Garrison Green and Fish Creek communities as the fall program guides highlight events from September through November. “United has always taken pride in the wide variety of speciality programs and ongoing, regular programs that we… View Article
Aug 24

The Two Sides of Caregiving – Responsibility and Opportunity

Whether you became a caregiver progressively over time or suddenly following a crisis, you are forced to adjust to a new normal. Now in addition to wife, mother, colleague and friend you have also added caregiver to the list of things you are. You are confronted with a broad range… View Article
Aug 18

Dizziness and Falling: Ways to Prevent Both

Ask someone over 70 what concerns them most about getting older and you’ll get a variety of answers, but falling will likely be in the top 10. If someone has fallen and been hurt in the past, then falls become top of mind. More than a third of people over… View Article
Aug 10

The Three Stages of Later Life

“The period between age 50 and elderly is best described as three overlapping periods, not defined by age.” – Dr. George Schofield, professor and author of How Do I Get There From Here? While we tend to think of our lives as defined by age, that can be misleading – just… View Article
Aug 3

Lighthearted and Fun: United’s Partnership with Calgary Civic Symphony

United and Calgary Civic Symphony (CCS) have renewed their partnership, giving residents access to the symphony on stage as well as bringing performances into United’s two communities. “We are one of the best kept secrets in Calgary,” said symphony executive director David Wartman. “By being responsive to the needs of… View Article
Jul 27

A Renewed Partnership with Calgary Opera

“Opera is where a guy gets stabbed in the back, and instead of dying, he sings.” – Robert Burns, poet For many, this quote, attributed to poet Robert Burns, expresses in a humorous way the extent of our knowledge about opera. That and perhaps Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the… View Article
Jul 20

Renewed Partnerships Bring a Wealth of Music to United’s Residents

Residents at United’s two communities have the best of both worlds. Through partnerships with Calgary’s best musical organizations they go out to performances, but also have performers come into the communities for intimate concerts. Honens, the Calgary Philharmonic, Calgary Pro Musica, Calgary Opera and Calgary Civic Symphony have all renewed… View Article