May 25

Choosing to Age Well

“The Art of Aging Creed: I will age with humour, serenity and to the best of my efforts, health. I will continue to express my creativity and personal style. I will challenge the stuck way our culture looks at getting older.” – Sophia Lumen The quote perfectly expresses the approach… View Article
May 18

The Best Time to Search for the Perfect Older Adult Community

The best time to research an older adult community either for yourself or a parent is when you don’t need one. Time is on your side, and the pros and cons can be weighed without the stress of a time constraint. Searching when your health takes a turn not only limits… View Article
May 12

New Collaboration Builds Community; Fights Isolation and Ageism

The United Active Living Foundation  is working closely with United Way and two of its agency partners to launch a six-week art and discussion pilot program that will focus on ageism and isolation and their effect on older adults. The program is called Project Inspire, and involves older adults from… View Article
Apr 27

You’re Never Too Old…

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – Author Betty Friedan The common misconception is that older adults are “set in their ways”, and that once you reach a certain age, learning something new becomes difficult if not impossible. Think of the old adage… View Article
Apr 20

United’s Fish Creek community – a unique, active lifestyle

Older adults who have been living in the family home for many years may want to reassess their lifestyle by asking some basic questions. Does my home fit the lifestyle I would like to have? Is my house just a big to-do list? Is there too much house to look… View Article
Apr 13

Live Life Your Way at Fish Creek West

For many, the common perception is that a move to an older adult community is synonymous with a move into assisted living. That idea is changing. Today’s older adults want more in their later years, and United Active Living communities deliver. In particular, United’s Fish Creek community offers independence, an… View Article
Apr 6

Calgary Pro Musica Brings the Best to Residents

United Active Living’s focus on active aging and the arts is introducing residents to the best classical and chamber artists, thanks to our partnership with Calgary Pro Musica. For the past 40 years, the non-profit organization has brought in world-renowned chamber ensembles to perform in the Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall in the… View Article
Mar 30

The Personal Meaning of Community

“When I came here, I was looking for a community. Then I realized I was helping to create one.” – Unknown What does community mean? Depending on your perspective, community can mean simply a building, its activities or the people in it. Or could be defined in a larger perspective… View Article
Mar 23

United Minds – a Social Approach to Cognitive Care

“Labels can become so frustrating, as instead of being Jim, John, Lucy or Ann, you suddenly morph into a person with dementia first, followed by your name and other qualities. It’s as if the rest of the person has vanished into thin air, never to return.” – Person with dementia… View Article
Mar 16

Hiring the Right People Helps Make a Great Community

“Working at United requires a different mindset than what you would find at any other older adult community,” said United’s Human Resources director Kelly Johansson. “We are looking for people who are open to our philosophy, see aging as a time of opportunity and growth and view all of our… View Article