Jul 20

Renewed Partnerships Bring a Wealth of Music to United’s Residents

Residents at United’s two communities have the best of both worlds. Through partnerships with Calgary’s best musical organizations they go out to performances, but also have performers come into the communities for intimate concerts. Honens, the Calgary Philharmonic, Calgary Pro Musica, Calgary Opera and Calgary Civic Symphony have all renewed… View Article
Jul 13

Turning Life into Poetry

80-year-old Virginia Stewart belies the stereotype of the inactive older adult. Her passion is the arts, and when she’s not writing she’s painting, singing or enjoying any number of activities available at United’s Garrison Green community. “I’m a doer!’ she says proudly. “I’m an active person. Always have been. I… View Article
Jul 6

A Thursday Afternoon with Peter Exner

Peter Exner is a Calgary musician who knows how powerful music can be to excite the emotions and to bring people together. We caught up with Peter at United’s Garrison Green community where he performs regularly for residents. “This is a thoughtfully structured music program,” said Peter. “I’m not playing… View Article
Jun 29

Where Were You in 1967?

As we approach Canada’s 150th birthday, there are many residents who remember the 100th celebration in 1967. That was the year that Canada showed off to an international audience with Expo 67 in Montreal. Bandleader Bobby Gimby’s big hit Ca-na-da made all the charts across Canada. It was an infectious tune… View Article
Jun 22

Balance and Strength – Two Keys to Successful Aging

Most of us take walking and getting out of a chair for granted, but as we get older such basic movements can get more difficult, especially if we don’t exercise to keep muscles strong. Falling is of particular concern for older adults. At United Active Living, classes are held several… View Article
Jun 16

The Portrayal of Older Adults in the Movies

When older adults are portrayed in the movies, how are they often characterized? Are they healthy, vibrant and enjoying life, or does Hollywood tend to dwell on the negative side of aging – memory loss and mobility issues. While some movies do a good job of portraying aging accurately, others… View Article
Jun 8

Our Partnership with CPO – Music to our Ears

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra has been a cornerstone of the city’s arts community since 1955. From the classics to rock and roll, to broadway favourites, the CPO entertains Calgarians with a range of music to satisfy every musical taste. “That wide range of styles is a big reason why the CPO… View Article
Jun 1

United’s Impressive Summer Program Guides

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the mountains, parks and gardens that Calgary and area have to offer. Residents of the two United communities have a wide range of choices for getting out and about to enjoy the sunshine. Last weekend, residents at Fish Creek were… View Article
May 25

Choosing to Age Well

“The Art of Aging Creed: I will age with humour, serenity and to the best of my efforts, health. I will continue to express my creativity and personal style. I will challenge the stuck way our culture looks at getting older.” – Sophia Lumen The quote perfectly expresses the approach… View Article
May 18

The Best Time to Search for the Perfect Older Adult Community

The best time to research an older adult community either for yourself or a parent is when you don’t need one. Time is on your side, and the pros and cons can be weighed without the stress of a time constraint. Searching when your health takes a turn not only limits… View Article