Living in the Community

Services & Amenities

Quality Living. Beyond Expectations.

Being a locally-owned, private organization lets us deliver an inventive, quality living experience. Take part in an unbeatable variety of programming. Delight in top-class dining and services. Engage in enriching experiences beyond expectation. All while enjoying flexible amenities customized for your life.

Dining Your Way

Menu Service: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

The passion of our talented chefs and food services team is evident in every dish they create. Residents have the freedom to choose what they eat, when to eat, and who to dine with. Menus are designed to provide a variety of healthy and delicious meals, with some classic staples available every day for those who enjoy routine. Dietary restrictions, recommendations, and requirements made by residents’ doctors are accommodated.

Formal Dining Room

The formal dining room offers service similar to a high-quality restaurant, with clean table linens, cloth napkins, and servers to provide menus, take orders, and refill drinks.

Private Dining Room

For residents who have a group of guests over for a meal, private dining rooms are available for reservation. This is an excellent option for residents celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.


The bistro is a more casual dining option, where residents can stop by for a quick snack, a healthy breakfast before an active day, or enjoy a chat with a friend over a cup of tea.

Room Service

Any menu item can be delivered to a resident’s suite for private dining. Room service is available to residents and their guests if visiting friends or family would like to share a meal in the comfort of a suite.

Quality Living

Everything we do at United Active Living starts with you. That’s why we begin with a Wellness Interview—so we can get to know your unique personality and individual needs. And this discussion is only the start. We know that health isn’t static, and people are always growing and changing. So as your needs change, we change right with you.

“We are completely satisfied that United Active Living will be providing for us as a couple. We can be independent if we like to. And we can have assistance if we like to. But we can go through it together.”

Sharyn and Landis, Fish Creek residents

Our care team at each community is headed by a full-time Registered Nurse, supported by 24-hour Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aids. The team also includes a clinical pharmacist, visiting doctor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, and medical laboratory services.

Residents only pay for the assisted living services they use, which could include:

  • Medication management
  • Bathing and dressing assistance
  • Escort to meals and activities
  • Any other personal needs that require one-to-one assistance


Living an Independent Lifestyle at United’s Fish Creek

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Memory Care

United Minds is one of the most progressive dementia care programs in the world. It is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment where seniors with dementia and other cognition challenges can enjoy a positive life experience.

Recognizing that dementia is progressive, our program follows a solution-based philosophy that works with the individual’s skills, passions, and interests. Our memory care program is designed to slow progression and enhance quality of life. United residents are defined by what they can do, not what they can’t do.

Some features of the program include:

Individualized Life Review and Customized Programs

United Minds is personalized for each resident. The comprehensive individualized life review identifies strengths on which to develop a customized plan of action to support functioning at the highest possible level.

We wanted her to live in a place where she wouldn’t have to be on a locked ward. She is now living in her own one-bedroom suite with regular support from staff and happily participating in daily, stimulating activities that she loves.”

Claudia, daughter of Garrison Green resident

Safety and Happiness

United follows current research in supporting the integration of residents with dementia with other residents. United Minds activities increase the ability of residents with dementia to participate in overall community activities.

Staff and Education

United Minds gives five-to-one and up to one-to-one staffing depending upon the needed support and nature of the activity. All staff are specifically trained in therapeutic strategies in recreation and undergo continual education and training.


Residents Helping Residents Find Relief from Isolation

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