May 28

Leighton Art Centre Project Brings Joy During Isolation

When the coronavirus hit in early March, the Leighton Art Centre ran with an idea to use art to bring a little joy to older adults in isolation. They asked their 300-plus artist members to create handmade greeting cards with personal messages of support from each of the artists. The… View Article
May 22

Resident Initiates Grandparent Project to Keep History Alive

Grandparents have a lifetime of experience to share, but often we don’t capture their important life stories. The Grandparent Project was initiated by Fish Creek resident Les Stewart who suggested that families take the isolation opportunity to learn more about their grandparents by keeping a journal of the important memories… View Article
May 14

Residents Helping Residents Find Relief from Isolation

Con Irving isn’t letting the COVID isolation slow him down. Not only is he looking after his wife Dorothy, who is living with dementia, but he also sits on the Fish Creek Residents Council and is a talented wood carver and painter in his spare time. Now, he is taking… View Article
May 7

A Creative Way to Enjoy an Intimate, Personal Concert

Being isolated means finding creative ways to enjoy your favourite music without actually being there. United Active Living arranged for small, intimate concerts with a performer from Mount Royal University’s Conservatory.  The performances were done over the phone, and gave residents the opportunity to talk with the performer and enjoy… View Article
Apr 30

Families and Neighbours Boost Morale

When it’s your birthday, it’s time to celebrate no matter the circumstances. On April 24, Richard Odland, who has lived with his wife Lynn at United’s Garrison Green for three years, turned 81. Rather than letting them celebrate on their own, their family came by to wish him well. To… View Article
Apr 24

Four Ways We Can Engage With Older Adults During the Quarantine

Staying home is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. But the resulting isolation presents its own complications. As we know, isolation is not healthy for long periods of time, so older adults and their families are finding ways to stay active and… View Article
Apr 18

Employees Win Accolades from Residents and Families

Employees are working hard these past weeks to ensure they deliver the best service possible under difficult circumstances. And families and residents are noticing.  They have written to United to thank employees for their extra efforts to keep everyone safe and looked after. The cards and letters have boosted everyone’s… View Article
Apr 10

Creating New Ways to Stay Connected and Engaged

United’s residents and creative facilitators are stretching their creative muscles to develop new programs at a time when gatherings aren’t possible. “Our usual programs include lectures, concerts and creative workshops, which typically bring people together into a single space. Now that that is no longer possible, we are working with… View Article
Apr 2

Jean and Dean Geddes: Staying Active and Safe While in Isolation

Older adults who are normally very active and engaged are facing a particularly difficult time over the last couple of weeks as more stringent measures on movement and socializing take effect. Jean and Dean Geddes, who moved into United’s Fish Creek community about two years ago, like the concept of… View Article
Mar 26

Despite Isolation, Families Find Ways to Stay Connected

“I miss my dad a lot,” said Laurie Dolph, whose father Jim Dolph is a resident at United’s Garrison Green community. Laurie is used to spending time there four or five times a week, and volunteers running movie nights and hosting regular community sing-a-longs with Jim. “My family is really… View Article