Thanksgiving Dinner a Work of Art for United’s Chefs

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for residents at United’s two communities. That goes for the chefs and serving employees who gave Thanksgiving dinner a little something special.

Fish Creek chef Jayson Quimpo and his team worked hard to prepare a traditional meal but with a special flare.

“This year, we prepared a slow-roasted turkey roulade stuffed with sausage, apple and dried fruits, accompanied by mashed potatoes, carrots and green beans, stuffing and sage gravy. For dessert, we served the tried and true pumpkin pie with whipped cream, berries and crumbled sunflower seeds,” said Jayson.

“My philosophy as a chef is ensure that the meals we serve are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste. When a meal is properly prepared, from the selection of ingredients, freshness, the cooking techniques and most importantly the visual appeal of the dish, it creates an excellent dining experience.”

Jayson said United also chooses ingredients that are healthy and nutritious. “Our menu is approved by a registered nutritionist to ensure we have the right balance of ingredients, and meets the nutritional and dietary requirements of the residents. We use ingredients and techniques that develop and enhance the flavour of the food, yet shies away from sodium and fat,” said Jayson. “We really work hard to make sure all of our meals are nutritious and flavourful. The feedback we get from residents makes it all worthwhile.”

“At Garrison Green, we also wanted to focus on tradition, especially in these unconventional times,” said Garrison Green chef Mark Henri. “We presented a brined turkey with homemade stuffing, citrus cranberry sauce, a green bean casserole, maple glazed carrots and a nice homemade turkey gravy to round out the plate. For dessert, the always-welcome pie and ice cream. We arranged to deliver meals to the suites for those who had family members dine in with them.

“This was a great opportunity to showcase the talents of the culinary team at Garrison Green who approached the preparation of this popular meal from scratch.”

“The residents tell us what they like and offer suggestions for improving the dining experience. This way we are able to give them more traditional meals prepared with the best ingredients, topped with superb service and visual presentation. The feedback is very positive and that makes for a rewarding and fulfilling experience,” said Jayson.

Photos by United Active Living. Videos by Sherana Productions.

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