Unique Programs and Entertainment Highlight Fall Program Guides

United’s arts and cultural partners will once again display their talents to residents of both Garrison Green and Fish Creek communities as the fall program guides highlight events from September through November.

The Calgary Jazz Orchestra performing

The Calgary Jazz Orchestra is one of United’s newest partners

“United has always taken pride in the wide variety of speciality programs and ongoing, regular programs that we offer residents of both communities,” said Kim Coulter, Fish Creek program coordinator. “We work closely with residents regularly to determine the type of programs and outings they would like us to make available. Plus, our arts and culture partners offer residents the best music, theatre and educational programs both outside our communities and during more intimate performances within our communities.”

Lifelong learning is one of our guiding themes at United,” said Monica Schmidt, program development coordinator, Garrison Green. “When residents move here, they may choose to continue to pursue a lifelong interest, explore new concepts or delve back into an interest that had taken a back seat. Regardless, there are a great many options available within our unique programming.”

2015 Honens Laureate Luca Buratto performed at United several times

2015 Honens Laureate Luca Buratto performed at United several times

Lifelong learning options include in-house programs such as music appreciation discussions, TED Talks, resident choirs, art workshops, educational lectures, fitness classes and a variety of outings. On top of this, our partnerships with professional organizations throughout the city bring performances into the two communities. One of the highlights in September will be selection of the new Honens Laureate. As part of that partnership, several finalists will perform for United residents in September, and the chosen Laureate will perform for residents several times over the next three years.

“Learning new things doesn’t stop at a certain age,” said Kim. “Learning continues throughout your life, and our in-house programs and outings promote an active, thriving lifestyle that you won’t find anywhere else.”

“The variety of programs is one of the reasons my wife and I chose to move to Fish Creek three months ago,” said Fred Heintzman. “We really like the independent living aspect and the size of the suites. I’m an active person, so staying active appeals to me.”

A significant part of United’s ongoing programs centres around the two community art studios. Supported by professional artists, residents are encouraged to explore new art forms and use their imaginations to create paintings, sculptures and other works of art that are regularly displayed in the two art galleries.

The fall program guides together offer more than 60 pages of events, programs and outings, with a special emphasis on the arts.

View or download the Garrison Green community fall program guide.

View or download the Fish Creek community fall program guide.

Photos by Honens, Calgary Jazz Orchestra. Video by Sherana Productions

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