Let’s change the conversation about dementia

“Culture change will always be at the heart of high quality care for people living with dementia.” – Dr. Al Power, geriatrician and author.


Gail, right, and radio host Betty Jo Kaiser

Dr. Power and others, including United Active Living, are spearheading a culture shift in how we support people with dementia and other cognitive impairments. President Gail Hinchliffe was on the radio recently to speak about United’s revolutionary approach. Is “this is the way we’ve always done it” good enough? Is there a better way that gives people with dementia a better quality of life? United’s philosophy is completely different. It ensures that people with dementia are treated with respect, and are included in every activity and program. There are no locked wings. Rather, United uses technology to ensure residents are free to move around while remaining safe. Gail speaks more about this in the radio discussion, which we will post here when it becomes available.

abstract-painting“People with dementia see the world differently than we do, so we train our staff to see things from the resident’s point of view, which means developing the  detective skills necessary to pick up on small changes in a person’s language or habits.  We develop a one-on-one rapport with residents to ensure they are included in everything we do and that their views are heard,” said Gail. “One way to help residents express themselves is through art. We find that people with dementia remain very creative. They tend to communicate their thoughts through art. Our professional artists work with all residents in our two communities to introduce them to new forms of art and creative expression.”

Listen to previous radio programs at this link or check out this blog article on resources that can help you make the right choices for your family. The programs are sorted by topic. For example, when should you consider moving to an older adult community? and United’s exploration of the arts to help keep the brain and mind sharp. There’s a lot of information there, as well as links to videos and our YouTube channel and to website pages where United’s philosophy is described in depth. Plus, check out our other blog articles to learn more about the benefits of being a resident at a United Active Living community.

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