Families and Neighbours Boost Morale

Lynn, Richard and Addison marking a special day

Lynn, Richard and Addison marking a special day

When it’s your birthday, it’s time to celebrate no matter the circumstances. On April 24, Richard Odland, who has lived with his wife Lynn at United’s Garrison Green for three years, turned 81. Rather than letting them celebrate on their own, their family came by to wish him well. To put the icing on the cake, it was an extra special day for Richard and Lynn as their granddaughter, Addison, turned 10 on the same day.

“It was a lot of fun, and a very different way to celebrate birthdays,” said Lynn Odland. “We were separated by glass, but we spoke with each other on our cell phones. While it’s not our first choice, we feel safe here. Very comfortable. Life is good.”

Motorcycle drive-by outside United's Fish Creek community

Motorcycle drive-by outside United’s Fish Creek community

The next day, a group of motorcycles and cars did a drive-by salute for employees and residents at Fish Creek and Garrison Green. “I’m a member of Against All Abuse, a local group of motorcycle riders who ride for charity to support anti-bullying and other anti-abuse initiatives,” said Cheryl Crich, director of strategic projects for United Active Living. “Our colleagues who are providing care and support are working so hard, we felt they deserved a show of respect, recognition and a salute to the incredible work they are doing. As well, we wanted to salute our residents for their patience and understanding.” The entourage also drove by Providence Care Centre and Father Lacombe Care Centre while at Fish Creek, and Carewest Garrison Green, across the street from United’s Garrison Green community.

“Employees are working hard to keep every resident safe. We are all supporting each other,” said Cheryl. Watch the video of the drive-by.

Chalk message outside United's Fish Creek community

Chalk message outside United’s Fish Creek community

To put the finishing touches on the day, families of residents at Fish Creek wrote special messages of love and support in chalk on the sidewalks.

“It was really wonderful, really very special,” said residents Inger and Bill Copland. Eight members of their family came out at Easter to wish them well, and again last Saturday. “The employees here are doing a terrific job looking out for everyone,” said Inger. “I have to say that we would like to be able to go for a walk or a drive just to get out a little, but we understand why it’s necessary. We just hope it doesn’t last too much longer.”


Photos by United Active Living, The Odland family.

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