Summer Program Guides Offer Wealth of Activities

“Coming to a place like this where there are so many options, it’s just awesome!” – Resident Hertha Reich

Resident Hertha Reich in the Garrison Green art studio
Resident Hertha Reich in the Garrison Green art studio

United’s summer program guides are out for both Fish Creek and Garrison Green communities. Each contains over 30 pages of programs and ongoing activities that make living in the two communities fun and engaging.

Music, drawing, painting, pottery, discussion groups and fitness are just some of the ongoing programs. When you combine these with programs offerred by United’s community partners, the list is even more impressive.

“We have a wide range of partnerships with some of the best artistic, cultural and educational organizations in the city that give residents the opportunity to learn and experience a wealth of programs that broaden their horizons,” said Fish Creek program coordinator Kim Coulter. “The partnerships expose residents to plays and concerts outside our community. They also enable us to bring world-class performers on site, making the offerings accessible to all.”

Calgary Civic Symphony performing at Fish Creek
Calgary Civic Symphony performing at Fish Creek

“The programs and activities we offer residents are unique,” said Monica Schmidt, program development coordinator, Garrison Green. “At United, being creative is a way of life. We have professional artists on staff who provide support to everyone, from those who have never picked up a brush or a handful of clay, to those who were attracted to United specifically because they can continue their lifelong passion for art.”

To keep the mind active we foster a focus on the arts, creativity and stimulating social interaction. United’s extensive list of programs and activities ensures there is ample opportunity for ongoing learning and creative expression.

In collaboration with the residents, United has compiled a comprehensive guide of upcoming specialty and ongoing programs at both communities. Residents, along with their friends and families can use this resource to make plans to participate.

Both guides are available as printable PDFs at the following links:

Garrison Green program link

Fish Creek program link

Check with the monthly calendars and newsletters for any additions or updates.

“While the partnerships provide a number of one-of-a-kind opportunities, it’s often the residents who suggest programs or activities they would like us to put together. That’s why the list of programs is so unique. It’s as varied as the people who live here,” said Kim.

“Check back often,” advises Monica. “There’s always something new and the programs are always evolving based on resident feedback.”

Do you know a friend or family member who could benefit from living in a United community? Send them a link to our website or blog, or arrange a tour. We are happy to help! 

To learn more about life at United’s Fish Creek community, watch this short video.

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