Student Art Project Supports Residents, Employees

Students at two universities have painted cards of support for residents and employees at United’s Fish Creek and Garrison Green communities. This week, the students dropped them off.

“Students from Mount Royal University [Calgary] and Emily Carr University [Vancouver] came together to paint and design the cards. [The students] and their families saw that many people are expressing their concerns and thoughts about the seniors in Calgary communities. We felt the seniors and care workers should know that everybody in Calgary is thinking about them during this difficult time. We wanted to send them strength and hope that we will all get through this together. We wanted to find a way to make sure that every senior in every community in Calgary knew that regular people were thinking about them,” one of the students replied by email, saying they wished to remain anonymous.

Resident Doris Grimm, right, and her daughter Gabby show off their cards

Resident Doris Grimm, right, and her daughter Gabby show off their cards

Liz and John Traber with the card they received

Liz and John Traber with the card they received

“It was very thoughtful,” said resident Doris Grimm. “We really liked the cards we received.”

Liz and John Traber were also impressed. “It was really encouraging to receive the cards,” said Liz. “And we were impressed that someone would take the time to make them. It was nice that employees also received them. They are doing an exceptional job and are very helpful.”

Server Willow Addiscott with her card

Server Willow Addiscott with her card

Eric Miller was pleasantly surprised to get his card

Eric Miller was pleasantly surprised to get his card

Willow Addiscott is a server who started with United only three months ago, just when the COVID restrictions began. “Receiving cards like this, or seeing the drive-bys really tell us that what we are doing is worth it. It’s nice to know that people outside the community are behind us. Everything we do is for the residents, so it’s a nice gesture to be recognized for that,” said Willow.

Employee Eric Miller was appreciative when he received his card. “I think it’s a great gesture. It shows the community is reaching out to the residents and employees. It’s certainly appreciated because it’s a reflection of how the employees are doing in keeping everyone safe.”

At the end of May, a similar project was initiated by the Leighton Art Centre. Both of the projects brought smiles and warm responses from the residents.

Photos by United Active Living

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