Programming, Tours Resume at Fish Creek

Alberta Health Services has given the green light to lifting some of the restrictions at Fish Creek and allowing the safe and gradual restart of programming, fitness classes, bistro and dining room meal services and more socializing with other residents.  As well, community tours are once again being planned so prospective residents can get a better feel for what living at United is all about.

Pottery workshop at Fish Creek
Pottery workshop at Fish Creek

This week, residents will be able to participate in Jill LaForty’s music appreciation programs, exercise sessions, and programs in the art studio – even book appointments at the hair salon. Last week, dining was once again available in the bistro and dining room.

“We’re so excited!” said Kim Coulter, Fish Creek program development and creative expressions manager. “The professional artists are particularly excited to again get back to what their passion is and that’s delivering very high quality art programs to the residents.”

The programs are restarting in a slow, safe fashion, with a gradual increase over the coming weeks. “For instance, while we are restarting group exercise programs, the groups will be kept small and we will have several sessions in a day to accommodate everyone. The same goes for music appreciation and programs in the art studio. The rollout will be slow with all of the necessary protocols in place to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone,” said Kim.

Opening the dining room and bistro again was a very special event,” said concierge Megan Angelini. “Since November, meals were delivered to residents’ suites, so it’s really nice to see them open again yet still following the protocols such as social distancing.”

Megan Angelini and her dog Victoria
Megan Angelini and her friend Victoria

Megan is finalizing a few programs such as TED Talks, an audible book club and developing a knitting hour once a week for the Fish Creek West residents. “I’ve taken up knitting, so I’m planning to get together with a few residents and knit hats to be donated to the Mustard Seed. People are so excited to be getting back to something approaching normal. Being able to get out and visit with their neighbours in a safe way has been really exciting for our residents!”

Prospective residents who are interested in moving into Fish Creek also have the opportunity now to take personal tours. “We have quite a long list of people who are interested in the community,” said Daphne Reid, active living advisor at Fish Creek. “We’re being very careful with how we approach this. We’re restricting the number of people who can come in a single group, and we’re arranging tours on off hours to avoid the busy meal times. Those coming in will be screened, temperature checked and masked.”

Daphne said that while virtual video tours have helped people understand what’s available, it’s not the same as being there. “People need to see the community and the suites in person to get a true feel for what their lifestyle will be like. We’re over the moon with being able to offer tours once again. It’s all about the personal connection and we’re so pleased to be able to return to connecting with prospective residents in person.”

Photos by United Active Living

Videos by Sherana Productions

Don’t hesitate to talk with one of our active living advisors about life in a United community. They can arrange for a tour once it’s convenient to do so. If you know a friend or family member who could benefit from living in a United community, send them a link to our website or blog, or arrange a future visit. We are happy to help! 

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