New Artwork Invites Visitors to Participate

When it comes to works of art, it’s usually all about “look but don’t touch”. But two new art pieces now making their home at United Active Living’s new Fish Creek community are a hands-on experience.

Courtyard with landbouy smallA sculpted silver-coloured sphere – part of artist Tony Bloom’s Landbuoys collection – now rests in the freshly finished main courtyard. And what’s fascinating is that the different surfaces produce different sounds, inviting visitors to exercise their “inner drummers”. The artwork is defined as “audible” sculptures.

To see what we mean, watch this video.


Pine Cones 3 smallAlong with the Landbuoy, United has installed several large, steel pine cones as part of the courtyard’s unique collection of artwork. The pine cones were made by artist Floyd Elzinga and are a fitting tribute to the large pine trees that dot nearby Fish Creek Park, the largest urban park in Canada. And while they aren’t designed to be played, touching and moving them is encouraged.

Elzinga, who lives in Ontario, has been a fan of rotten stumps, broken branches and ravaged trees. Pine cones are an extension of his work. You can read more about him here.

United Active Living is an avid supporter of the arts, and we know that artwork has a positive effect on people, so United decided on these pieces of art for their look, their connection to Alberta and for the fascination they hold for residents and their families.

Bear and cub CU small OPThe two artworks join a 3,500 lb. granite mother bear and cub by sculptor Stewart Steinhauer that was placed by crane into the new courtyard in May.

Art is a time-honoured way of expressing ourselves creatively. It’s also a great way to keep the mind active as we get older so that we stay curious and interested. An active mind is a healthy mind, which is one of our main focuses at United.


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