Mary Fenwick Embraces Life; Brings Greetings to Mount Royal’s Sounds of the Season

92-year-old Mary Fenwick doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Last year, she performed during Mount Royal’s Sounds of the Season concert, playing a Christmas favourite on piano, supported by a full orchestra.

On Saturday, Mary will bring greetings from United Active Living – sponsors of the Sounds of the Season concert event.

“For the past six years that I’ve lived at United’s Garrison Green, my life has been full of joy and never-ending new experiences,” said Mary. “My first experience was in the Writers-in-Residence program [watch the video below], where students from Mount Royal’s English program interviewed us and captured highlights from our lives. That was a marvellous program. The students even made a children’s book from my life, which I treasure to this day.


Mary doesn’t equate life to a cup half full. To her, the cup is always completely full.
“United’s philosophy is to engage and excite and enlarge our lives, and that is what has happened in my life. Take last year’s Sounds of the Season concert. When Mount Royal first approached me I thought they wanted me to sing in the choir. But I soon realized they wanted me to play piano on stage. I thought I would just die, but when I walked out on the stage and whole orchestra gave me a thumb’s up, all the stage fright fell away and I had absolutely the best time.”

Mary, like so many other residents at United’s two communities, are shining examples of what life can be like in our later years.

“United’s partnerships with Mount Royal and other organizations in Calgary bring a lot of joy into our lives, and the opportunity to experience new things. I’m having so much fun right now!”

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