Creativity Never Gets Old

Two of the most prolific artists at United’s Garrison Green community are Hugh and Kay Kuwahara. Despite just turning 104, Hugh continues to paint every day and his wife of 77 years, Kay, who will be 98 years old in May, is keeping her easel busy as well.

Together with their son Doug, and his wife Anne, Hugh celebrated his birthday with about 100 of his closest friends, and at the same time, Hugh and Kay’s works were put on display.

Hugh Kuwahara at work in the art studio

Hugh Kuwahara at work in the art studio

“We moved to Garrison Green six years ago,” said Hugh. “I had been introduced to water colour painting by a friend at another community we lived in, and carried that over to here. I like doing mountain scenes. They are a lot easier than faces!” he jokes.

Hugh and Kay spend part of every day in the Garrison Green art studio, where they have become regular fixtures, working on a variety of projects.

Kay Kuwahara with one of her paintings

Kay Kuwahara with one of her paintings

“The art studio was one of the big reasons we suggested they move to Garrison Green,” said daughter-in-law Anne Kuwahara. “We looked at the creative programs and thought this would be an ideal place for them.”

“My dad has always been creative,” said son Doug. “After he retired, he took up wood carving and produced a large number of pieces. And then before coming here, he took up painting.”

Together, Hugh and Kay have produced dozens of pieces.

Time your visit to take in Stonehenge at dusk

Autumn Glory by Kay Kuwahara

Old Giants by Hugh Kuwahara

Old Giants by Hugh Kuwahara

“I really didn’t start painting until I came to Garrison Green,” said Kay. “I saw the art studio, saw what other residents were doing. Now it’s something I really enjoy doing. Living so close to the mountains is a real inspiration for my paintings.”

At 104 and 97, the Kuwaharas are an inspiration when it comes to creativity. “I don’t think about age,” said Kay. “It’s not something that stops us from painting. We really enjoy it so we’ll keep doing it.”

As Kay mentioned, age is no barrier to creativity. See what other artists say about it in this video.

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