Welcome Team Eases the Transition to United Communities

This is part 2 of a series on making the transition to a United community. You can read part 1 here.

We want to ensure a resident move-in is as easy and as comfortable as possible. That is why our Welcome Program is designed to make the transition a positive experience, help build relationships with staff and residents and ensure our residents feel safe and secure at home.

Residents around table small OP“Our welcome team is made up of professionals in a number of fields to ensure that your transition is an easy one and that we get you started on a wellness program that works for you,” said Nicole Kendall, resident care manager, Garrison Green. “When you move into one of our communities, we sit with you to understand your medical needs, but also your personal goals. When you are ready, you will meet with someone from nursing, our creative expression team and our food service team so that we get a comprehensive understanding of who you are and how we can support your interests.”

After you move in, a staff member is assigned to be your welcome coordinator to help you get used to your new environment, introduce you to new friends and to the dozens of activities you may not be familiar with, but that residents find interesting.

The United wellness team meets weekly to discuss how residents are doing and what United can do to further enhance their experience. The information is reviewed regularly and discussed with the resident so that changes can be made in a person’s care should that become necessary. The staff are in close contact with residents to ensure that they are finding their way in the community and that their needs are being met.

“We have a passionate team here. Each of us brings a different perspective based on our professional backgrounds and personal experiences,” said Nicole. “All of our staff are trained to watch for changes in habits so that if a resident suddenly stops coming down for dinner, we will visit them to find out what has changed and how we can best support that person to maintain their health and wellness.”

Residents notice the difference right from the start.

Joyce Doolittle, senior living, assisted living, senior care, senior community“When you walk in, you feel the spirit of the place. There’s a good feeling here,” said resident Joyce Doolittle, who wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her time after she retired. “You have a chance to develop aspects of yourself that you couldn’t before because you have more time,” she said.

United Active Living is unique in that it operates from a social perspective rather than a medical one. While the medical side is important, the emphasis is on the arts, socialization and community, which research has shown can go a long way towards improving a person’s health and well-being.

After the welcome team has learned about your interests they work in partnership with you to develop wellness goals and an individualized program to support you. If you have had a lifelong interest in learning how to draw or paint, see live theatre or take a University-level class, United will help you make that happen.

You are more than just the parts that need medical attention. There are hopes, aspirations and interests and that determine who you are as a person. United’s welcome team supports those through understanding who you are and what you want the rest of your life to look like, then opening the doors to new opportunities that help you thrive and grow.

That can make all the difference in easing the transition to a new home.

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