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United Active Living is an authority on older adult communities. We’ve developed two communities, with two others being planned – all in Calgary. Older adults, or those we used to call seniors,  are looking for more when they choose to leave the family home. They want financial peace of mind, appropriate health care when they need it, and a community that supports them in their goals.

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We’ve created the following list of frequently asked questions. Click the links to the audio files for a discussion on the various subjects. These were recorded on Talk Radio 770’s Talk to the Experts program, which United appears on regularly.  Listen as president Gail Hinchliffe covers the various topics.

Q: Tell me more about what United Active Living is all about.

A: Benefits of living at United, amenities, programs, activities

United’s unique philosophy of aging

What makes United’s approach unique?

Unique approach to the arts, keeping couples together

Q: What should I look for when choosing a community?

A: Choosing a community, medical support, staff training

Who should be looking at a United community, and when?

Q: When is the right time to move?

A: How to determine it might be time to move

More on the best time to move, benefits of life lease

Pros and cons: Buying, leasing, renting

Q: Why is the focus on creativity so important?

A: Quality of life, agism, partnerships and creativity

Ageism and valuing the older adults among us

The benefits of moving to an older adult community

Socialization, improved lifestyles, support for dementia

United focuses on the importance of remaining creative

Q: I’m interested in pursuing my artistic side. Do I have to attend a class or follow a schedule?

Professional artists help guide your artistic interests

Personal examples of how residents have grown through artistic pursuits

Q: What about meals? Am I restricted to when I can eat?

A: Flexible meal choices, sparking new interests, flexible programs

Meal flexibility, planning for a longer life, life lease

Q: Tell me your thoughts on building design.

A: Proper building design, lifestyle amenities, life lease

Q: I understand the suites are a step above other communities.

A: All about the suites

Q: I’ve heard you have an innovative new approach to life leases. What are they and what makes yours different?

A: Meal flexibility, planning for a longer life, life lease

Proper building design, lifestyle amenities, life lease

Why United decided to introduce its own life lease

Real stories: Why residents have chosen a life lease

Life leases can help protect against outliving your money

Q: United has a completely different approach to people with dementia or other cognitive decline. Tell me more about your philosophy.

A: United range of programming, no separate wings for those with dementia

Benefits of socialization, spouses aren’t forced to live apart


And listen to Gail in a short interview she did for QR77 news on June 15.

Listen to our ad on QR77.

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