5 Top Questions to Ask When Searching for an Older Adult Community

The best time to research an older adult community either for yourself or a parent, is when you don’t need one. Time is on your side, and the pros and cons can be weighed without the stress of a time constraint. Searching when a crisis occurs not only limits your choices, but decisions can easily be made without thorough consideration for the results.

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Besides the usual questions about cost, size of the suites and amenities, there are other questions that should be asked that can have a big impact on quality of life.

  1. I may be healthy now, but what happens when I experience a health crisis? How will the community respond to that?

United ensures that a health issue is well managed, and provides residents with the peace of mind that such a crisis won’t force a move away from the community.

2. Will I be separated from my spouse if one of us develops health issues?

Residents holding hands small OPHusbands and wives want to stay together, no matter the health issues they face. United communities focus on supporting the close ties that spouses have by ensuring they remain together. The two then participate in programs and activities, which support the general well-being of both.

3. Will I be locked away in a separate wing should I develop dementia?

Research has shown that those with dementia do better when included within the general community population. At United, all residents are encouraged to participate in every program and activity. None are excluded, and there are no locked wings.

4. I want to continue to enjoy life and learn new things. What activities and programs are offered, and are they offered on my terms or theirs?

Living a full life in your later years is a focus at United communities. Activities are designed around the interests of the residents. The art studios, for instance, are open 24 hours and residents are free to come and go as they please, to eat what they want,  when they want and with whom they want. There are no restrictions.

5. What is your gut reaction? Do you feel comfortable and welcome, or does the community feel more like an institution?

Garrison interior small OPThis is your new home and it should feel that way. Your former home didn’t feel like a medical clinic, so why should your new home?



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