Residents Take a Swing at Mini-Golf Obstacle Course

Fish Creek residents collaborated with art studio employees to create a unique art project that is more than par for the course.

Lining up a tricky shot

Lining up a tricky shot

For several weeks, the art studio facilitators at Fish Creek worked with residents to create a mini-golf obstacle course set up on the courtyard’s putting green. Using scraps of wood, a combination of ramps, mazes, and even a mini-windmill were created in the woodshop to challenge the golfers at every level. Seven challenging holes were constructed and painted as a collaborative art project involving a number of residents.

“The idea of a mini-golf project had been percolating for about a year,” said creative facilitator Jeff Chan. “And when COVID hit, the regular projects planned in the art studio were put on hold. So it actually gave us a window to plan and build the obstacles needed for the mini-golf course. When the studio opened again, several residents were keen to be involved, so we were able to get everything done in about three weeks.”

The courtyard at Fish Creek

The courtyard at Fish Creek

Resident Al Gething puts a few colourful touches to the windmill obstacle

Resident Al Gething puts a few colourful touches to the windmill obstacle

The courtyard at Fish Creek is a one-of-a-kind amenity, with a putting green, bocce ball court, walking paths and unique pieces of art by Canadian artists. The putting green was a natural fit for the obstacle course.

“This was a great project for the residents to be involved with,” said resident Al Gething. “It was very well done, and working with Jeff was a plus. It worked out very well and everyone enjoyed it.”

United is unique in that the art studios in both communities are staffed by professional artists who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the projects that residents are involved in.

“This was a true collaborative effort,” said Jeff. “We consulted with the residents and worked with them to design, build, decorate and paint the obstacles. When one or two residents took the lead, they were soon joined by others, and the whole project just took off. The residents and employees all joined in and had a great time testing their golf skills. It was just an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great weather. We had the course set up for two days this week, and we plan two more days next week.”

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