New Residents Get Warm Welcome at Garrison Green

Moving from the family home to a retirement community such as United’s Garrison Green takes some adjustment, but the Garrison Green Resident Council is making the transition easier through a program where current residents welcome them and show them how life at Garrison Green works.

Garrison Green resident Nigel Way
Garrison Green resident Nigel Way

“When a new resident moves in, I give them a call and see if they want to meet and receive a welcome package of information that answers some of the basic questions about living here,” said Garrison Green resident Nigel Way. “There’s phone numbers and explanations about how some of the processes work. And of course I’m available, as are other members of the Resident Council, to answer questions and help smooth the way.”

Nigel says that having a current resident to connect with while a new resident settles in is valuable. “They really appreciate having another resident as a contact. It helps to build the community so friendships start building right away.”

The chair of the council, Mary Hetherington agrees. “The greeting program is beneficial for new residents, and is a good way to include them in the community, answer their questions and generally help them feel at home.”

An integral part of how Garrison Green operates is by encouraging and supporting resident involvement. Through the Resident Council, residents are directly involved in how they live, the programs that are offered, the menu and meal choices, health and safety, and other day-to-day details.

“The council works closely with Garrison Green management,” said Mary. “Someone from management always attends our meetings to discuss plans for the community and advise of some of the issues that have arisen. We offer suggestions and raise questions that residents have. The communication is a two-way street and works very well to enable us to work with management to achieve our collective goal of contributing to the overall improvement of the community.”

Kelly Johansson, executive director of operations, meets regularly with the council. “I really enjoy meeting with them because it’s not simply about raising concerns. They are all about finding solutions. The idea of meeting with new residents is one of those solutions that they developed and which has become a valuable program when new residents move in.”

Kelly says the Resident Council is an essential part of the community. “They are a great sounding board when we propose a new program or policy for the community. It truly is a partnership, and as Mary says, the two-way communication that has developed is focused on the greater good of the community.”

Photos by United Active Living, Pixabay. Videos by Sherana Productions.

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