New Friends Help Smooth the Move to a New Community

When you’ve spent many years living in your home or community, it can be a difficult decision to move, especially when moving to Calgary from another province.

“It was a tremendous change for me to come here,” said Dagmar Albert, a long-time resident of White Rock, B.C. She moved in October to United’s Fish Creek community. “I had a townhouse in B.C. but I fell and had trouble getting around, so my daughter in Calgary started looking around and found that Fish Creek was a great place to live. My family was very supportive and helped make the transition a smooth one. There are a lot of little things that need to be handled but having family and friends to help makes the job much easier.”


Barbara Burns moved into the Fish Creek community last summer from her home in Kelowna, B.C. She lives next door to Dagmar in Fish Creek West, which offers a completely independent lifestyle. “The hardest part was leaving my friends. I got pneumonia and my family from Calgary drove out often to see me, but it was hard on them, so when they suggested I move to Calgary, I knew it would make things easier for everyone. The move was very easy, and I kept most of my furniture, so my new suite feels in many ways like my home in Kelowna. We love our kids and their children. Moving here gives them peace of mind, and I know they are nearby.”

While leaving friends behind is difficult, Dagmar and Barb have become close friends, and living in a community gives them a chance to make new friends and explore their interests.

“I was sitting in one of the chairs near the elevator when Dagmar was moving in,” explained Barb. “We got to talking and found out we had a lot in common. There was something there, so our friendship just grew from that.”

Both Barb and Dagmar were attracted to the openness of their new home. “As soon as I saw how open and spacious the common areas are, that was what made my decision,” said Dagmar. “There are so many glass doors, large windows and the large courtyard. There is so much light, I really get a sense of freedom here.” Barb agrees. “We looked around at other places before deciding to move. I really liked the courtyard, the spaciousness. There is lots of light. You don’t feel constricted. Plus my suite faces west, the same as my condo in Kelowna so I get the sun in the same way.”

Barb was also drawn to the variety of programs Fish Creek offers. “We like to go to the concerts they have here. I haven’t tried the art studio yet, but I might give acrylic painting a try.”

“For me, I’m more into writing,” said Dagmar. “I was a member of the Langley Writer’s Guild for many years. I’m drawn to fiction and history. Right now I’m tracking my ancestry, which I find fascinating.”

Both Dagmar and Barb can’t say enough about the staff. “This place has it all,” said Dagmar. “The staff are simply amazing. It’s so nice to see how they treat people who need a little extra help. So much kindness, dignity and respect.”

One question prospective residents ask themselves is, “Would I be happy inviting friends and family over?”

Both were enthusiastic in their response. “We’re really proud to have our families over for dinner. The dining room is open any time during the day. The meals are great and the staff is so welcoming. Even though moving was stressful, we couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

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Photos by United Active Living, Sherana Productions. Video by Sherana Productions.



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