Living an Independent Lifestyle at United’s Fish Creek

Ross and Ellenore in their suite at Fish Creek
Ross and Ellenore in their suite at Fish Creek

Ross and Ellenore Campbell moved into United’s Fish Creek community almost four years ago. They chose to make the move while they were healthy and active, and couldn’t be happier. “The idea of independent living in a retirement community was a concept new to us. We had that old idea that the only reason to move was because you had a serious health issue but when we found out about living independently at United, we were keen to find out more,” said Ellenore. We spoke to Ross and Ellenore and two of their daughters two years ago about their move, and today, everyone is as enthusiastic as ever about their decision.

When they first saw their suite at Fish Creek West, they were sold. But choosing a suite that met their needs was only part of the equation. The benefit to their lifestyle was the other. “At the time, we knew about the programming but it was the variety and depth that really impressed us,” said Ellenore. “We discovered a whole new world and a whole new social life. We enjoy the variety of entertainment in the theatre, including an introduction to classical music, and  we find the discussions about politics and world affairs with MRU professor Duane Bratt very stimulating. It opened up possibilities that we hadn’t expected.”

“We didn’t realize how good it was going to be,” added Ross. “One of the big benefits is that should our health situation change, there is assisted living right here in the same community so we can remain with our friends. We are very comfortable with our decision.”

Arleen Yee
Arleen Yee

Their five children remain enthusiastic about their decision. “It was an outstanding move for them,” said daughter Arleen Yee of Calgary. “The support from employees has been above and beyond. We are eternally grateful for the support they have received. It has given us peace of mind knowing that they are safe and cared for.”

“COVID has really reinforced our decision that moving here was the right thing to do. United is going above and beyond to protect us. Their protocols were in place even before they were mandated by Alberta Health. We feel very safe here,” said Ross.

When they started looking into independent living, Ross said that one of their friends who had moved into a retirement community earlier gave them a piece of advice that guided their decision. “We should ask ourselves whether we would feel proud to live here, and would we be proud to have family and friends visit, and if the answer is a resounding yes, then it’s the right decision. There is no question this was the right choice.”

Like Ross and Ellenore have, the best time to research an older adult community either for yourself or a parent, is when you don’t need one. Time is on your side, and the pros and cons can be weighed without the stress of a time constraint. Speak with an Active Living Advisor at either Fish Creek or Garrison Green to better understand the benefits of living in a United community.

Photos by United Active Living, Arleen Yee. Videos by Sherana Productions.

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