Living an Independent Life

When Ross and Ellenore Campbell started looking for an older adult community, they had two criteria – that they would make the decision when to move, and not leave it to someone else to choose for them, and second, that they could live completely independently within the community.

“When we looked around, we discovered that there are very few places that focus on an independent lifestyle,” said Ellenore. “Most focus on providing assisted living or have amenities most people our age don’t want. We went on United’s website and discovered that United’s Fish Creek community attracted us because we could live independently but still have access to assistance if and when we ever needed it.”

Ross and Ellenore Campbell in their spacious suite
Ross and Ellenore Campbell in their spacious suite

Ross and Ellenore moved into United’s Fish Creek West building a couple of months ago and found it to be everything they wanted. Their 1,350 sq. ft. two-bedroom suite overlooks the unique courtyard complete with putting green, bocce ball court and one-of-a-kind Canadian sculptures. Inside, they prepare most of their own meals in their full kitchen, and do their own cleaning and laundry. They continue to drive and appreciate the heated underground parking.

The Fish Creek community offers two lifestyle options.  Full health and wellness service including 24-hour care staff, housekeeping and all meals, or the ability to access services as requested.  All residents enjoy access to the large variety of programs and amenities.

Being independent, the question arises about why they chose to move to the community now.

“We wanted to choose where to go while we are healthy and independent,” said Ross. “If we waited too long, the decision would be taken out of our hands. We wanted to be sure we were in the right place for us, and if we should need assistance, it’s just over in the next building. We would stay in the community, which is an important social consideration.”

Ross Campbell with one of his woodcarvings.
Ross Campbell with one of his woodcarvings.

Ross is an avid woodcarver and painter, but until they moved to United,  he didn’t have the space to pursue his artwork. At United, the complete art studio gives him the space to once again pursue his passion.

Ellenore Campbell working on her knitting
Ellenore Campbell working on her knitting

Ellenore knits for family, friends and charities. “My motto is ‘If I’m sitting I’m knitting’.  But I look forward to expanding my horizons. I know I do not have any artistic talents but if Picasso could become famous painting two eyes on one side of an ugly face maybe I have potential after all!” she laughs.

Both Ellenore and Ross suggest older adults who are looking to move ask themselves two questions:

Would I be happy living here? and Would we be proud to have family and friends visit us here?

“When we took those two questions into consideration, it was amazing how many places we looked at didn’t work for us,” said Ellenore. “But when we took a tour here, it was clear that this was going to work very well.”

Ross and Ellenore often have friends and family visiting and they are pleased to show off their suite and the community’s amenities. Their family is very supportive of their decision.


Do you know a friend or family member who could benefit from living in a United community? Send them a link to our website or blog, or arrange a tour. We are happy to help! 

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