Furry Addition a Big Hit at Garrison Green

A new resident at United’s Garrison Green is winning the hearts of residents with its floppy ears and soft fur.

Resident Ron Fraser gets to know GG
Resident Ron Fraser gets to know GG.

An employee found the bunny in her backyard, but after repeated attempts to find the owner, decided to make Garrison Green the rabbit’s new home.

“Each resident has their own affectionate name for her, but the most common name we use for her is GG, after our beloved community Garrison Green,” said creative facilitator Maddison Klein. “She brings so much joy to our studio, and even residents who don’t normally frequent the studio have been coming just to visit with GG and see what she’s up to.”

She was taken to the vet to be sure she was healthy, then brought to live in the art studio. She is between one and two years of age.

And she’s been a big hit since.

“GG is so soft and cuddly, I think it’s a great idea to have her around,” said resident Ron Fraser. “We had kangaroos here one day and people really enjoyed them. I think people really enjoy seeing and holding the animals.”

What does GG do all day? She loves to hop around and hide behind canvases, rearrange her bed to be just so, and is constantly flopping over to take naps in various areas of the studio.

Resident Kay Shimbashi spends some quality time with GG.
Resident Kay Shimbashi spends some quality time with GG.

“She’s a great source of company for our residents who spend a lot of time working on self-directed projects, and is constantly hopping around the studio visiting everyone,” said Maddison. “The residents are really enjoying spending time with her. Animals are always a big hit in our community and several residents have pets in their suites, so it wasn’t a hard decision to bring GG into Garrison as a permanent resident.”

Residents just want to hang out with GG, and for residents who are less mobile, GG visits them in their suites. Word has travelled quickly and even family members have been coming down to visit and give her love as well. The creative facilitators have recently found notes left by some residents sharing their love for GG, and even bringing vegetables for her. Her favourite food? Cauliflower!

United is a pet-friendly community. If you would like more information about moving to a United community with your pet, contact one of our senior living advisors who would be pleased to answer your questions.

Photos by United Active Living. Videos by Sherana Productions.

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