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house-1407562_1280Does your current home fit the lifestyle you would like to have? Is your house just a big to-do list? Is there too much house to look after? At some point in home ownership, we often consider downsizing or moving to an older adult community where almost everything is looked after. So you ask yourself, “If not now, when?” The best time to think about making your life easier is when you aren’t facing a crisis; when you can take the time to weigh your options. And here is one to consider. United Active Living’s Fish Creek West, which gives you a unique way to live your life that you may not have considered yet.

FCW Kitchen, Dining OP smallFish Creek West is the first of its kind in Calgary. It provides you with the choice of elegant one bedroom, one bedroom plus den and two bedroom suites, some as large as 1,300 sq. ft.  with many features beyond your expectations. No maintenance, no worries, everything is taken care of. Plus, your monthly lifestyle fee provides a new world of opportunity in the adjacent 30,000 sq. ft. of high quality amenities. Fine dining, a casual bistro, theatre, art studio and a stunning outdoor courtyard dotted with sculptures, a water feature, orchard, bocce ball court and putting green are all available to you.

Bella Concert Hall Mount Royal Conservatory2 OP

Bella Concert Hall at the Mount Royal Conservatory

Most importantly, your monthly fee provides unlimited access to exercise programs, lifelong learning programs, art workshops, outings to galleries and a lot more. United’s signature Arts and Culture program features robust partnerships with leading arts organizations in the city. These partnerships not only bring residents to concerts and lectures outside of the Fish Creek community, but bring artists into the community theatre for special concerts and workshops – attend art classes guided by professional artists, hear lectures from visiting professors, choose from a variety of fitness programs or attend a concert by a world-renowned conductor.

Join an exercise, music or dance class for core stability, yoga, Tai Chi, a walking group or use one of the exercise machines. Afterwards, relax in the spa tub or enjoy the many health benefits of the infrared sauna.

The activities and programs available to you are endless.

One thing we often don’t think about when we are healthy and active, is a possible future event in your later years that requires an unforeseen level of care.  As a resident of Fish Creek West you can access services when you need them. Housekeeping, full meal service, nursing care – all are available when needed.

You also need to be aware of costs, and if the need for extra care should mount, the last thing you want to worry about is outliving your financial resources. Our exclusive Life Lease program helps you to ensure that future, unexpected needs can be met.

United’s Life Lease is a good option for many people. In many cases, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the family home covers the entrance fee, which then reduces the monthly lifestyle fees for the chosen suite.

“The big difference between the United Life Lease and others in the marketplace is the flexibility we offer to use the entrance fee to cover future unforeseen health care costs, and even the monthly fees should that be necessary,” said Gail Hinchliffe, president. “By allowing residents to use the entrance fee in this way,  the common concern about outliving your money is removed, giving residents peace of mind as they progress through their later years.”

Watch Gail and life lease expert Kate Mancer describe the benefits of United’s Life Lease.



The main lobby at United Active Living's Fish Creek North building“It’s important to us that residents feel at home,” said Gail. “As such, our Life Lease program, our lifestyle programs and activities, our five-star dining options with complete dining flexibility really promote that feeling of home, where the residents are in control. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Pop into the bistro or dining room for a chef-inspired meal, or arrange takeout from the deli and enjoy the meal in your suite. Your monthly fee includes a dining credit. And there’s no tipping!”

Liberate your life and transform the experience of aging.

Tours of Fish Creek West are available, and because it’s a new building, suites are available today. Simply click the “get in touch” link below, and we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Wendy Meyer says:

    My mother owns her own home. She is a low income senior. If she were to sell and move to your community, what would she be looking at for fees? Is it done on a percentage?

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