Finding the Right Fit at United’s Fish Creek

United Active Living’s Fish Creek community offers a unique blend of lifestyles within a single community – independent living, assisted living and memory care options are available, as well as month-to-month rental and United’s Life Lease.

Fish Creek offers something most other older adult communities don’t – a focus on independence with a touch of support if residents find it necessary. And that’s what attracted Landis and Sharyn Krause to their new home in Fish Creek West.

“We didn’t think we would move into an adult community for at least another five years,” said 72-year-old Sharyn. “But we felt it was prudent to research what was available in Calgary before we needed something. A friend suggested we have a look at the Fish Creek community on the United website. We liked what we saw, put our condo up for sale and moved into Fish Creek in August. We just love it. It’s perfect for us.”

The Krause’s chose a ground floor one bedroom suite that opens up onto the expansive inner courtyard.

Landis and Sharyn are renting month-to-month but may look at a longer Life Lease down the road. “We really like living here. We have a full kitchen and in-suite laundry. At the same time, we can go to the dining room and access the theatre, gym and spa, plus there is a wealth of things to do,” she said. “The physical space drew us to the community but there are so many programs and activities, it just made sense. For instance, we were big fans of the CPO (Calgary Philharmonic) but stopped going because it was no longer convenient. But here, we started going again because United makes it so much easier to go.”

“Like the Krauses and others who have moved here, the best time to research an older adult community either for yourself or a parent is when you don’t need one,” said director Gail Hinchliffe. “Time is on your side, and the pros and cons can be weighed without the stress of a time constraint. Searching when your health takes a turn not only limits your choices, but decisions can easily be made in haste without a thorough consideration for the results.”

Just down the hall from Landis and Sharyn are Bill and Dagmar van Stam. When Dagmar had a stroke and needed a wheelchair to get around, their house in Midnapore no longer worked for them. The mobility-friendly suite designs and amenities at Fish Creek sold them on the idea of moving.

“We would often walk by the community as it was being built,” said Bill. “I walked in one day, had a look at the suites and said ‘this is the place for us’. We didn’t need to look any further. Fish Creek is a perfect fit for us.”

Bill and Dagmar, both 69, moved into their suite a year ago. Bill continues to work part time as a baker. They cook most of their own meals but will often take guests to the dining room. The heated underground parking, rather than their old detached garage, makes winters easier. They don’t need to access any of the extra health care available in the community, but should that become necessary in the future, they are pleased that a Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurses are available. They also like the dining and activities available. After selling their house, they chose United’s Life Lease. “Other than our normal day-to-day expenses, our major housing expenses are now looked after,” said Bill.

“Another thing that was important to us,” added Sharyn, “is that we felt that moving from our home to another condo that didn’t have medical support, just to move a few years later to a place that does didn’t make any sense. The Fish Creek community has everything we need, or will need for the foreseeable future, so we may never have to move again. And with all of the personal belongings we have gathered over the years, that’s appealing!”

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