Employees Win Accolades from Residents and Families

Garrison Green residents Lex and Meta Davis

Garrison Green residents Lex and Meta Davis

Employees are working hard these past weeks to ensure they deliver the best service possible under difficult circumstances. And families and residents are noticing.  They have written to United to thank employees for their extra efforts to keep everyone safe and looked after. The cards and letters have boosted everyone’s spirits.

Jean Saunders, daughter of Lex and Meta Davis, wrote: “I can’t tell you how thankful I am that my parents are at Garrison Green where I can see that they are being extremely well looked after. Thank you to you and your staff for all that you are doing. You have been far more proactive than any other community that I know. And I know that doesn’t happen without a lot of work and not without having all hands on deck!”

We spoke with Jean after she sent the note. “We really appreciate everything they are doing,” she explained. “My Mom and Dad have a lot of friends and family around the country, so they are used to having lots of company, but of course they can’t do that now. Employees come and go throughout the day and Mom and Dad often comment how cheerful they are. They do miss going down for meals and socializing with the other residents, but they understand that it’s not possible right now. Like everyone else, they want to know when this is going to end, but nobody really knows that just yet.”

The list of accolades grows each day, and United plans to post the letters in employee break rooms. Another resident said: “I want to pass on a message from my daughter, who lives in Vancouver. She said she is thankful that UAL has a strong protocol in place to deal with COVID-19. I’m sure she’s not the only relative of the residents of our community residents who feel this way.”

Garrison Green resident and author Joan Clark

Garrison Green resident and author Joan Clark

Pam Clark, who is a daughter-in-law to resident Joan Clark, said the family is very grateful for the care Joan is receiving at Garrison Green. “When we talk with Joan, we joke that she’s getting room service, since residents are being asked to stay in their suites. Joan sees employees each day, and when we drop off flowers, magazines and treats, we really appreciate the staff taking the time from their busy schedules to take things up to her. Joan feels safe and content. She misses her exercise programs, but she has always felt a real sense of belonging and acceptance there, and it’s a relief to us knowing she is in good hands.” 

Thank you notes dot the walls along the main floor

Thank you notes dot the walls along the main floor

Here are a few more letters that have come in recently:

  • “Let me reiterate how grateful we are for everyone’s diligence and keen attention to all requirements to protect the population from COVID-19.  Right now all measures are critically important and we hope to see all your UAL family come through this in health.”
  • “I just want to take a moment of your time to thank you and the staff at UAL and Garrison Green for all you are doing to keep our loved ones as safe and healthy as possible.  I imagine the strain this puts on your team.  Please pass on my gratitude to the managers, coordinators and nurses, housekeeping, dining/kitchen and other frontline staff.”
  • “I just want to pass along the many, many expressions of gratitude that I have heard from Fish Creek West residents over the past two days. They are so grateful for the care that is being taken on their behalf, the obvious commitment by UAL to keeping them safe and they have sometimes very emotionally stated how fortunate they feel to be living in such a community.” – Jill LaForty, music director, United Active Living
  • “It’s all the frontline and integral staff at UAL that are making the COVID-19 virus bearable for me. Without your team of trusted caregivers and professionals I don’t think I could manage the physical distancing and emotional weight of concern for my mother.”
  • “Throughout this challenging virus our sensibilities and sensitivities to the demands on the personal and professional lives of the UAL staff has been heightened in every way … Our family is more than grateful for your professionalism and dedicated frontline commitment to the health and well-being of the entire community.

One of United’s employees responded by saying, “That is indeed empowering. There is NO doubt in my mind how entirely professional and compassionate this team is! Above and beyond!”

Photos by United Active Living, Jean Saunders, Sherana Productions. Videos by Sherana Productions.

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