Dining Room and Bistro Services Resume at Fish Creek

Dining Room and Bistro services have resumed once again at Fish Creek, much to the delight of residents and employees. While the same high quality meals were served in residents’ suites for the past two months, residents were looking forward to breaking bread once again with friends.

As the impact of COVID on the community has eased, we are delighted to once again offer bistro and dining room services. And to mark the occasion, chef Jayson Quimpo and his food services team created a special prime rib dinner with creme brulee.

“The opening of lunch and dinner was a huge success,” said Jeanette Padilla, food experience leader at Fish Creek. “The residents wore big smiles and were waving and saying ‘hello’ to each other.  There were good conversations with their friends whom they hadn’t sat with for a long time. The atmosphere was like a community feast. Some said it was the best dinner they ever had and thanked the employees for their care and support. We all made their day! It was a hip hip hooray opening day!”

The prime rib was done just right!
The prime rib was done just right!

Residents Ross and Ellenore Campbell were pleased to be back in the dining room. “To have the meals served directly from the kitchen is much better than having them delivered from the cart. We enjoy the company and communication with our neighbours. A positive step to the new normal!” said Ross.

This is the second time dinner and lunch has resumed at Fish Creek. When COVID hit last March, meal service had to be adjusted. Instead of residents being able to eat together through the day in the dining room and bistro, the kitchen provided meal delivery to their suites. While residents still had flexibility to eat what they wanted, when they wanted, meals were eaten away from their friends and family.

At that time, it was important to Jayson’s team that they continue to give residents the same quality,  variety and choice of meals that they had come to expect.

Fish Creek chef Jayson Quimpo
Fish Creek chef Jayson Quimpo

“In early November when our community was impacted by COVID, the food services team was greatly affected as were the residents, but it was also during this time that we saw the best in our team, their resiliency, passion and dedication,” said Jayson. “The kitchen team continued to deliver great meals and service to our residents.

“Everyone on the food services team wanted to make the re-opening extra special.  We wanted to welcome residents with a ‘bang’.  We absolutely missed them!  We wanted our residents to experience once again the joyful atmosphere of living here.”

Photos by United Active Living, Ross and Ellenore Campbell.

Videos by Sherana Productions

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