Choosing United for All the Right Reasons

Ross and Ellenore in their Fish Creek suite
Ross and Ellenore in their Fish Creek suite

When Ross and Ellenore Campbell made the decision to move out of their home, they wanted to be confident their next move would be the right choice for their lifestyle. United’s Fish Creek community stood out as a perfect fit for the couple who sought to continue living full and active lives. United Active Living values their residents’ right to live life on their own terms. United communities are designed to promote lifelong learning, creativity and connection while at the same time providing residents with a variety of healthcare and service options. Ross and Ellenore’s five children were all consulted in the decision, but it was daughter Jean Edmonson who first encouraged a dialogue about their transition to a new home.

Daughter Jean Edmonson
Daughter Jean Edmonson

“I encouraged a discussion with them about moving,” said Jean, who lives in Victoria. “I knew they were fine where they were but I wanted to know where they wanted to be should they ever have to move. They have always been very proactive about where and when to make a move. I was thinking about their future needs at the time because I didn’t want the decision to be made in a panic.”

Although thinking about leaving your family home can be difficult, it’s beneficial to consider your options while you have the time and energy. It’s important that your desires and preferences are reflected in the community you choose. Ross and Ellenore made their decision while they had plenty of time to consider what community best suited them.

Daughter Arleen Yee
Daughter Arleen Yee

“So Mom and Dad started looking around, but they didn’t find a community that worked for them. That is until they found United,” said daughter Arleen Yee of Calgary. “They were extremely encouraged and after determining that the Fish Creek community met their financial, social, mental and physical goals, they sent the family an email saying ‘We’re moving!'”

“They looked at a lot of communities, but when they found United, they wanted to move in right away,” said Jean. “They didn’t need to move but it was the right place to be, and should they need extra assistance, the community offers that without them having to move again. They are healthier and happier since their move to Fish Creek,” said Jean. “They are exploring new things, and are more active than they were in their previous home. Dad is in the art studio every day and many of the things they enjoyed, such as theatre, come to them or are easily accessible.”

Ross and Ellenore at a New Year's celebration
Ross and Ellenore at a New Year’s celebration.

“Today they are thoroughly enjoying themselves,” said Arleen. “Mom will call to say that she hasn’t heard from me in awhile, but it’s because I can’t keep up with them! I tease them that they are acting like a couple of 18 year olds!” Arleen chuckles. “They aren’t marking time, they are extremely active. It’s like it has been a total reboot for them. They are always doing something. Dad had to give up some of his artistic endeavours because the last place didn’t have room. Now, he practically lives in the studio. They are definitely looking forward, not back.”


“I like the whole package – the dining room, coffee bar, the suites,” said Jean. “I stayed in the guest suite at Fish Creek earlier this year and was very impressed. Staying in the suite gives them the space they need yet I was able to be in the community with them for the time I was there. It makes visiting very easy. It also gave me a different perspective. I wasn’t coming and going, I was there all the time. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a wonderful move for them.”

“Having all of the amenities that United has, and all of the support the staff provides, it really gives us peace of mind that they are being taken care of, but also that they are taking care of themselves,” added Arleen. “They have jumped right in and are thoroughly enjoying themselves!”

The decision to move can be overwhelming for older adults and their families. However, being proactive allows you to take advantage of all of the wonderful new opportunities, experiences and connections that a supportive community provides.

Photos by: United Active Living, Sherana Productions

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