Our Values

The United Difference

United’s active living approach responds to the reality of living longer, by helping residents to enjoy a better quality of life and general well-being, whether in our independent living, United Cares (assisted living) or United Minds (memory care) programs.

United Active Living is a Calgary company, employing global gerontology and medical research in our program development. Our approach demands highly trained staff and motivated leadership.

United aims to transform the experience of aging through a strong commitment to active living.

We Are United

United has integrated three pillars of active living into its residences, putting the International Council on Active Aging’s (ICAA) seven dimensions of wellness into practice, with the integration of specialized medical care and cognitive support.

United in Health

  • Physical wellness not only maintains a healthy body, but also improves mood and self-esteem. United programs such as core stability, yoga, dance and walking help to promote physical and psychological health.
  • Dietitian-approved menus provide essential nutrition and promote healthy eating, maintaining or improving well-being and functional ability. United’s signature food services provide an opportunity for casual or formal dining any time from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with a wide choice of menu items.
  • United Cares (customized care support) is provided by a United health team, headed by a full-time Registered Nurse, supported by 24-hour Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aids. The team also includes a clinical pharmacist, visiting doctor, physiotherapist, massage therapist and medical laboratory services.
  • United Minds (memory care) uses evidence-based programs and an integrated living model to encourage residents with dementia to live a full life.

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United in Community

  • Activities and trips at United strengthen social networks and support systems. Interactions with family, friends, neighbours, and chosen peer groups have a positive health impact. At United, we may visit the Glenbow Museum, attend a play at Lunchbox Theatre, or take in a performance of the Calgary Philharmonic. Or we could be playing cards, going to tea, or seeking a movie: the opportunities are endless.
  • Using and learning skills is not only personally satisfying but also valuable for the wider community. Participation in activities that maintain or improve skills, helps others and ensures continued development and growth.

United in Creative Expression

  • The intellectual dimension of wellness encourages engagement in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities. At United, this proven approach keeps minds alert and engaged. United residents learn and acquire new skills by taking courses, participating in discussion groups, writing poetry, dancing, readers’ theatre, photography, painting, and playing challenging games and puzzles.
  • The emotional dimension of wellness emphasizes an awareness and acceptance of feelings, leading to a more positive outlook. At United, uplifting experiences such as storytelling or an art workshop enhance general well-being almost every day.
  • The spiritual dimension of wellness means living with meaning and purpose, guided by personal values. At United, group and individual faith-based activities, personal meditation, mindful exercise and getting out into the natural world are key to well-being, connection and spiritual growth.

Our Logo reflects our Values


The joined U shapes are representative of being and feeling United.  Each U stands for one of the pillars – Health, Community and Creative Expression, with another for United’s philosophy.

The four U’s are connected, signifying the interconnected, holistic approach that United takes to independent and assisted living. Connection is also important for residents and their relatives. The logo is about the strength of connection.

The four U’s together form a very simple flower shape that speaks to growth and wellness.

Colour Palette:

Representative of the vibrancy of the residents and community, and speaks to active living rather than a medical model.  The variety of colour is suggestive of diversity. Regardless of age, state of health or community in which we reside, we are United.